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We love what we do.

Our focus is on supporting small to medium sized businesses with development and growth. Reach influencers, decision makers, and the leaders of today and tomorrow with an effective marketing strategy. Achieve your objectives with Click Start Marketing,  from awareness to engagement to driving new business.



We love what we do. 

We create strong, engaging brands that make an impact on your target audiences.

Brand Design

Work closely with us to design a strong, creative brand design that makes an impact

Brand Identity

Ensure that your brand is reflective of your business and objectives

Brand Consistency

Make your brand consistent throughout your business, from your website to your business cards

Branding benifits.

Does your business stand out?

It’s essential to brand your business correctly and impact your target market. Names, colours, font, consistency all contribute to your customers impression of your business and result in increased sales. 

Take the psychology test.

Look at the colours and think about how they make you feel. Then reveal the answer so you can see if the psychologists have it right.


Yellow is optomistic and predominant. A logo using yellow is telling us, that it is attractive, has clarity brightness and fun – Just think of summer!


Green is tranquil and healthy. A green logo puts it consumer at ease – This is why backstage ‘green rooms’ are exactly that, to psychologically relax the performer before the show.


Blue is trustworthy and calming. Blue colours aid clear thought and provide a higher level of concentration.

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Our Marketing agency is based in Salisbury.

We currently support client businesses in Salisbury, Amesbury, Southampton, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Portsmouth,  Herefordshire, and as far as Tyne & Wear.