How to choose a business colour

Choosing A Business Colour

Choosing a business colour may have more impact on your logo than you think. It’s the first thing a viewer sees, and if done correctly, remembers.

Colours influence feelings and ensure your brand is perceived how you want it to be. They can physiologically influence the decision of a client or customer, as much as if they want to give you business.

When picking your logo, it is important to know the physiological effects that impact your targeted clients or customers. Ensure that you have the correct physiological elements in your logo to truly reflect your business.

Business Coulour Ideas

green pineapple fruit with brown framed sunglasses beside


Yellow is optimistic and predominant. A logo using yellow is telling us, that it is attractive, has clarity, brightness and fun – Just think of summer!

beautiful blur close up colors


Purple is creative and wise. A purple band can promote a certain element of richness and even royalty – I’m not the only one that has seen the queen in purple robes.

sky clouds blue half moon


Blue is safe, trustworthy and calming. Blue colours aid clear thought and provide a higher level of concentration – Software companies such as, Dell, Hp, IBM, Intel and Facebook utilise this to distract from the technicality behind their business.

green pine tree leaves


Green is tranquil and healthy. A green logo puts clients and customers at ease. This is why backstage ‘green rooms’ are exactly that, to psychologically relax the performer before the show.

curve design futuristic lines


Grey is simple and stylish. A grey logo promotes calm, balance and reassurance, with aspirational qualities – still not sure? have a look at Apple.

backlit beach dawn dusk


Orange is youthful, spontaneous and confident. A logo in orange is making you think, “I want a piece of that” – It’s not a coincidence that the Amazon orange swoosh looks like a cheeky grin.

Avoid Diversity

Diversity is used by the mega-successful companies including Google, Microsoft, and ebay.

Below, however, you can see how the overwhelming majority of successful businesses have created a logo to incorporate their brand, with a minimal amount of colour.

The videos give you a better insight of how colours may affect the emotions of clients or customers.

Logo colours


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