Conversion Funnels: What are they and how can they benefit you?

A conversion funnel is the pathway that a potential customer will take before they take the aimed action. You will want to guide your customers along this pathway to ensure maximum actions taken. The desired result of a conversion funnel is to turn potential customers into buyers. Most conversion funnels follow a similar structure that is made up of five stages:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Action
  4. Engagement
  5. Advocacy

Incorporating conversion funnels into your marketing strategy is a great way to increase sales as well as brand awareness.

Conversion Funnels


The best place to start is by finding an audience that requires your product and making them aware your brand exists. You should be able to identify your audiences’ problems and show them that your product can fix them. The content you share should find a middle-ground that captures your audience’s attention whilst also leading them want to find out more about your product.

Great ways to do this can include optimised content through social media, blogs, videos, webinars and more.

Market Awareness


This is essentially where the potential customer begins to consider your product as they begin looking for more details. You have to show them why you are better than your competitors and build some level of trust with them.

The consideration stage is where you provide the potential customer with more detailed information guiding them towards the action stage. You can use social media channels to aim more ads towards users who have interacted directly with your website or content. This is a great way to keep your potential customers interested and maximise the possibility of them remembering your brand.


Now that you’ve built up a relationship with your potential customers, you can move them along to the action stage. You can check analytics to see how your previous stages went and how well they converted potential customers into customers taking action.

Sometimes in this stage, giving your customer a little push with incentives can help finalise the journey.

Customer funnel


Once the purchase is complete, it is important not to forget about them. Continuing to engage with your customer and keep them coming back for more is highly important in business, as while sales are a top priority, returning customers shows loyalty for the brand which will only make you look better!


While the journey can often end at the engagement stage, advocacy can take it one step further. Reviews and testimonials are a great way of increasing the trustworthiness of your brand and product for new customers entering your funnel!

You can encourage customers to leave reviews through emailing them to see how their purchase went from start to end.

Conversion funnels are a fantastic marketing strategy that can only benefit your business. If a renewed and refreshed marketing strategy is something you and your business are looking for, we can help! Contact us for more information about funnels and how we are supporting clients with CRms such as HubSpot and Salesforce!

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