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With the country now in lock down, it’s important for businesses and individuals to adapt practices and find new ways to stay connected. This means considering new ways to engage audiences and provide services and information where possible for the many people in need.

It’s essential to have quality content going out via a variety of channels, on a regular basis.

One thing all businesses can do is ensure that their online communication is strong and expand their social media presence.

But knowing where to start can be a bit daunting. So we’ve prepared a list of the most popular social media channels and how to get you started.

Here is a list of the most popular and effective social media channels

1.    Facebook  Facebook logo

Facebook is ideal for small businesses who may not be ready to develop their own website. Business pages that display company info, products, services and photos are easily built. In addition to this there’s an easy to use chat facility, enabling you to chat to customers in a quick and convenient way.

The main thing to consider is that it needs to be updated on a daily basis with not only business information, but engaging and interesting content as well.

2.    Twitter  

Twitter allows you to easily promote your content in short, snappy snippets (140 characters). You can provide links to your blog stories, topical news articles and share popular content. It enables you to reach many people quickly through tweets and retweets and follow the work of other influencers in your area of business.

The great hashtag feature is perfect for keeping up with and being part of the latest trends and headline events.

3.    Instagram  Instagram Logo

Instagram is a photo-sharing program that comes in a free app format. It enables users to easily apply a variety of filters to pictures with a simple press of a button. Although you can manage your Instagram account via desktop, you can’t upload images to Instagram without a third-party tool. So it’s best used on mobile devices. Instagram is great for updates, products and pictures of employees within your business.

4.   Linkedin Linkedin logo

Linkedin is the perfect network for business people and professionals. It provides great opportunities to build relationships and develop sales leads. It’s important to consider that LinkedIn is more serious in nature compared to Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to approach this social media channel more seriously and produce professional and informative information for end users. One of the best features of Linkedin is ‘Linkedin Groups’ which provide a place for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to start and participate in relevant discussions.

5.    YouTube   youtube logo

YouTube is an online video sharing platform. Video is one of the most popular content formats, and it’s regularly shared via the other social media channels. A bonus with YouTube is that it’s the second largest search engine after Google. So, having content here that is optimised to be found by someone looking for your products or services can have enormous benefits. In addition, YouTube is owned by Google which will help boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking

5.    Pinterest   Pintrest Logo

Pinterest is designed to enable saving and discovery of information online using images, GIFs and videos. Businesses that produce quality visual content on Pinterest have a great advantage. Quality images have a greater chance of going “viral” –– to thousands of people. An image pinned by a highly-followed Pinterest member has the potential to reach millions of viewers.

This platform is ideal for business such as a photography studio, retail shop or an ecommerce site.

How to get started?

All these platforms come with great analytic tools for measurement and review. If you need advice on social media marketing and getting your business online get in touch today. We’re currently offering FREE consultations to help get businesses started.

Take a look at our range of affordable social media management pricing plans or get in touch if you need something specially customised.

Can We Help?

We’re helping businesses in Southampton, Salisbury, Amesbury and across Wiltshire to deliver their business through a range of digital channels. If you or your business needs help getting set up, please get in touch today.

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