How Google Ads Will Help You Reach New Customers

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What Is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a paid advertising platform that falls under a marketing channel known as pay-per-click (PPC).

How Does It Work?

What do you do when you have a problem or question? You’re likely to start with a search engine such as Google to find the answer. Your prospective clients or customers are also searching for solutions to their problems. The ideal solution for them could end up being your service or product.

This is where Google Ads come in. Someone enters a search term, for example, ‘Blue Velvet Shoes’ and Google delivers relevant search results for that term. In this case, the results might be a list of local shoe shops or online retailers. 

Google Ads enables you to place your business as a search result for a selection of specific search terms for a pay per click or per impression (CPM). 

Why Invest In Google Ads?

 There are plenty of reasons to invest in Google Ads but here’s our top five to get you started:

1. Google Ads Enables Businesses To Reach Their Target Audience

Regardless of size, any business can be found on the first page of Google with Google Ads. With clever targeting tools, you can set your ads up so that they’re strategically placed where you want them. They can be seen by clients or customers at the exact time they are looking for your information, products, services, deals or location.

For example, the location targeting options enable locally based businesses to geo-target ensuring that you’re not wasting ad spend on those who aren’t in your area.

2. Google Ads is measurable and flexible

One of the main advantages that Google Ads has is that unlike traditional marketing channels, it’s extremely easy to measure. You can measure traffic to your website, brand awareness, sales and conversions. Customisable options such as locations, ads, extensions and keywords all support a flexible approach. All of these can be adjusted throughout the campaign length to enable better ROI.

3. Google Ads is Quicker Than SEO

The disadvantage of SEO is that it can take months before effects can be seen. Once an AdWords campaign goes live, ads will appear. Results are instant, including data on visitors such as age, gender, location and device. This is useful as it enables businesses to see immediately how effective keywords are.

4. You Can Follow Your Customer with Retargeting

With Google Ads, if an interested client or customer has visited your website, they get a cookie from a code you’ve put on the backend of your site. After they leave your site, you can use the information gained to target your ads through Google Display Networks, or Google search.

This is a much more effective spend as you already know that the people who visit your site were initially interested in your offering. Retargeting ensures that your business will get seen by them again, whilst you’re on their mind.

5. You Can Control Your Own Budget

Another great benefit of Google Ads is that you can set your budget for each ad you run. In addition, you can change it whenever you want.

If an ad is performing well you can increase your results by increasing your ad spend. Alternatively, if it’s underperforming you can decrease ad spend or stop it and test something.

Are your Google Ads underperforming? There could many reasons why. Hubspot offers a range of solutions to help, take a look.

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