MUUTOS: Website Creation

Click Start Marketing and Muutos teamed up in 2020 to bring the Muutos brand to life through website creation. The development of a new and engaging website would enable Muutos to officially launch and attract new business partners.

Project imagae


Muutos supports businesses and individuals with sustainable performance. The business’ science based, bio-psycho-social model; systematic, phased approach; and utilisation of world leading frameworks enables it to help bring focused changes into organisations and to staff members.

They offer a range of comprehensive and old off packages that are delivered through a phased appraoch. 

A major consideration for this project was user navigation – how do we get the end-user to the most relevant package for them. We approached this challenge by working closely with Muutos founder, Sari to understand the business model and the benefits of each service.

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Working with Muutos was a pleasure from start to finish. Sari helped us to understand the uniqueness of this business and how the brand could be effectively communicated. We look forward to watching Muutos grow and support businesses nationwide with sustainable performance.


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