Remtek Students

Remtek Students: Website Design

Having successfully completed projects for other Remtek entities, Click Start Marketing was their first choice for the design and marketing of a completely new website.

The purpose of this new website is to centralise information and tutorials that aid students.

With the concept in mind, Click Start Marketing was given free rein to design and market a new website that would meet the criteria while appealing to a younger adience.

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To align the branding with other Remtek businesses, the same font and colours were picked with the addition of orange, to give the website more appeal to a younger audience.

This is where the similarities stopped, and the website was given a more playful layout while maintaining an easy-to-navigate structure through interactive links.

To achieve this, sections in the website have pop up animations with offset borders, images, and background. These were then adjusted so they maintained the same effect whilst still looking good on all devices.

With the layout theme decided, it was time to build a blog and tutorial video page that could have new content uploaded instantly with ease of access.

Finally accessibility options were added to assist students who required them.

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A new and engaging website. For more information, visit here!



If you would like some marketing help with your next project a re-fresh or a new website, get in touch with our friendly team today, and we would be happy to help you achieve your next goal.