Remtek Workplace

Remtek Workplace: e-Commerce Website

Click Start Marketing first partnered with Remtek Systems in 2019 to support with their DSA arm. The partnership has since grown and Click Start was tasked in 2020 with building a new e-Commerce website for their ergonomics business.

Remtek project


Remtek’s ergonomics arm; Remtek Workplace is a completely new business and so required brand identity development before progressing onto how to communicate that brand. Once the brand was established we identified the channels and methods that would be best to communicate the key messages. 

Several months later we created a project plan, outlining the development of an effective e-Commerce website. This website would be the portfolio for the ergonomics products. In addition, the website would act as an information guide for both workers and students. Enabling them to make their workstations as comfortable as possible. 

The most important consideration for this project was user navigation – how do we get the end-user to the most relevant product or piece of information. We approached this challenge by building a filtering system that would allow site visitors to easily highlight the areas that were most applicable to them.

Remtek project 2


This was one of our most challenging projects to date. User journey had to be the centre of the entire build and navigation the biggest consideration. An effective e-Commerce website with informative content for all workers was the end result. For more information visit



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