ROMBi: Marketing Strategy

Click Start Marketing’s DSA contacts resulted in another successful partnership with ROMBi. This revolutionary learning puzzle was brought to the market by Psychoanalyst, Penny Georgiou. ROMBi’s aim is to support individuals in learning, training and personal development. Although the product has been on the market for several years it did not have the initial surge in sales that was anticipated.  Click Start were engaged to develop a marketing strategy that would support an official product launch.

Rombi project


ROMBi comes out of research and discovery at the cutting edge of specialist education, psychoanalysis and product design as a teaching/learning aid. The construction of Rombi prioritises spatial awareness as a basic component of perception. This is as vital for effective learning and problem solving as it is for physical dexterity. 

This fantastic new product supports individual’s perceptual (spatial) organisation. It determines how the mind coordinates cognitive functions, memory, attention, organisation of ideas, fine motor skills and gross motor skills.

Click Start’s task was to research the market including comparable products that were already available. In addition, we had to investigate problems that potential buyers were facing so that we could present ROMBi as an ideal solution.

A second round of research highlighted where and how funding could be accessed to support the purchase of this product. Next came the strategic planning: applying all of the research. We created tactics and actions list for ROMBi to implement.



ROMBi’s marketing strategy was one of the most researched and detailed projects to date. Taking such a revolutionary, new product to market required a great deal of attention. The result was an effective strategy, positioning the brand in the correct place within a current market. Click Start manages all ROMBi marketing activities. ROMBi partner with a range of businesses and industry professionals. If you would like to find out more email 


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