TMS Grid

TMS Grid: Website Development

Click Start Marketing approached TMS Grid in May 2020 to support their business expansion plans through website development. We were excited to get started with a growing business that had a number of high profile clients.

TMS project 2


TMS Grid provides independent advice and guidance to developers, investors and construction organisations. The North East based business advises on all matters Power and Grid related, across the UK and Ireland. Value for their clients is guaranteed throughout a number of activities. These include Procurement, Operational Delivery, and Management of the Power Network and Grid Connection to any Power Generation or Demand developments.

The brief from TMS Grid was to support with business expansion by attracting new clients digitally. They wanted to build their online presence, showcase their work and capitalise on previous projects.  

We began by researching the broad term of engineering, and found that engineers tend to think logically, approach tasks methodically, and utilize efficiency. This led to the creation of a clean website with a structured layout.

Imagery was a major of this project as it gave TMS Grid the opportunity to show their work in a visual way.

With our target market in mind, we built the website with neat, symmetrical and perpendicular geometry, bold typography, and rational usability.

TMS project


This was an extremely successful website development project. A simple yet attractive design and methodical approach ensured successful project delivery. We look forward to working with TMS Grid on future digital marketing projects. For support with power or grid projects contact the team via


If you would like some marketing help with your next project a re-fresh or a new website, get in touch with our friendly team today, and we would be happy to help you achieve your next goal.