Social media advertising

Today we’re looking at advertising via social media. We’ll be looking at why social media advertisement is good for your business, and how you can use it for maximum benefits.

Why use social media for advertisement?

With the likes of algorithms and an extremely high quantity of content on social media it can be difficult to get your message out there and get the visibility you need to help your company grow.

Unlike any other advertising platform, social media allows you to easily interact with possible new clients. It has become an essential part of business marketing strategies across the globe, and it is believed to positively impact sales and revenue more than any other platform.

Which one do I use?

One question we are frequently asked is which channel should I use for social media advertising?

To figure out which platform to spend your money on and what options to go for, you must look at your target audience. Which group of people do you want to target your product or service at? For example, if you’re looking to target other businesses then LinkedIn would be a go to. However, if your product or service is aimed at teens and young adults a platform like TikTok or Instagram may work better. With a little bit of research into your target audience you can easily find out which platform they use. Now let’s have a look at the different platforms and what they can offer.

Facebook and Instagram

Instagram is owned by Facebook, therefore it offers the same options for advertising. However, the audience demographics for Instagram tend to lean more towards people under 40. If you want to reach wider audiences, Facebook is great for advertisement as they have such a wide demographic of users. The site has roughly 2.89 billion monthly users of all ages and backgrounds, and you can still tailor your ads to specific audiences!

Image ads: These are a simple yet effective way of advertising which can be done easily just by boosting a post.

Video ads: These can run in feeds or on stories. They can range from professionally produced videos to simple GIFs to catch your audience’s eye.

Poll ads: While these are only available on the mobile app, it is a great way to interact with your audience while also collecting data and including photos or videos.

Carousel ads: You can add up to 10 photos with these types of ad in order to show off your range of products. You can also add shop now buttons so your audience can easily access the products they see.

There are many more options that you can explore on Facebook and Instagram.

The two platform’s advertising options are pretty much exactly the same, however Instagram’s new content section ‘reels’ hasn’t currently got any advertising opportunities, but this may be something to look out for in the future.


Something to be aware of when considering Twitter for advertisement is that roughly two thirds of the users are male.

There is only one type of advertising option on Twitter: Twitter Ads.

Twitter Ads allows you to set campaigns up with specific demographics and objectives in place. You can select old tweets to add to your campaign or select tweets to be included as you post them. A little tip is to run mobile and desktop campaigns separately and to not include hashtags or ‘@‘ in your advertised tweets as it may lead users to click away.


There’s a variety of options for advertisement on Snapchat, however it is mostly used by younger audiences.

Snap ads: these can be up to three minutes long, however Snapchat recommends keeping them short (3-5 seconds is supposedly the sweet spot). They can include attachments for landing pages, app installs, and more. The best thing for shorter Snap ads is to keep them simple.

Story ads: These appear in a user’s discover feed. Design these with a catchy headline and image to encourage users to tap.

Filters and Lenses: You can now create your own filters and lenses for users to try out and have some fun with. It’s a fantastic way to have a bit of fun with advertising while getting your company’s name and products out there.

There are even more Snapchat advertising options for you to explore!


LinkedIn uses ‘Sponsored Content Ads’ which appear in news feeds on both mobile and desktop, and you can add a variety of media including images, videos and carousel style features as your options. A great tip for LinkedIn Ads is to keep your characters under 150 for high engagement and use larger images (1200×627 pixels) for a higher CTR (Click-Through Rate).

With such a wide variety of social media platforms to use and advertise on, it can be a challenge to figure out how to fit your advertisement to each one. Hopefully this short guide will help you along the way, however if you do need some extra helping hands, we’re more than happy to guide you further at Click Start.

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