Terms and Conditions


1. Click Start Marketing.

2. Client for which the work is being carried out.

Scope of work

All scope of work will be outlined in quotes, which will be signed and dated by the client to show that they fully understand the scope of work and confirm that they would like click start marketing to begin the work.

Click Start Marketing are aware that projects may change before or during the work being carried out on that project which can cause additional work not included in the initial quote. For this occurrence, Click Start Marketing will charge for the additional work, however, work and costs outside of the initial scope will be agreed and signed off by the client prior to the work being carried out.

Work outside of the scope may affect the agreed deadline of the project. in this instance, the client will accept a new deadline provided by click start marketing.

Intellectual property

All intellectual property produced for the purpose of the clients’ scope of work shall belong to the client upon final payment to Click Start Marketing. Prior to this, all intellectual property produced for the purpose of the clients’ scope of work shall belong to Click Start Marketing.


Content must be provided by the client.

If the content is not sent by the client to Click Start Marketing upon the date agreed, the client must accept a delay to the agreed deadline.


Payment to be made in accordance with the terms shown on the quote signed, dated and returned by the client.


Upon completion of the scope of work including any amendments, the client is required to sign off the project confirming that they are happy with the outcome.

Any future work, for example, an additional website blog article will be carried out at an hourly rate agreed with the client.

Cancelation of work

If the client decides to cancel the work through no fault of Click Start Marketing, the client must pay for the completed scope of work up until that point.